Bob's Your Uncle!

Bob's Your Uncle...or your Dad, or your Brother or your Boyfriend...four unique pirate designs for that special Bob in your life. Our t-shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts,mugs, posters, stickers,buttons,and much more would make great pirate Christmas gifts, or get some for yourself, Bob!

Avast,ye lubbers! Shiver me timbers, 'tis Captain Bob! For all the buccaneers named Bob,the classic pirate flag: a skull and crossed cutlasses. Savvy?


Capain Mom Jewelry or Keepsake Box

Avast,ye lubbers! Shiver me timbers!
Captain Mom,show yer scurvy crew who's boss with this bewitchin' female
jolly roger holdin' a pretty red rose in her delicate teeth. Savvy?

Captain Dad Jewelry or Keepsake Box

Captain Dad Jewelry or Keepsake Box
Avast,ye lubbers! Shiver me timbers! Captain Dad, show yer scurvy crew
who's boss with a dashing jolly roger with a cutlass in his teeth.

Sci-Fi Hero Jewelry or Keepsake Box

A vintage science fiction hero right out of the Saturday afternoon movie serials of the 40's and 50's, with his trusty ray gun, space ship and blonde heroine. Makes a great gift for that Sci-Fi fan on your Christmas List.

Dad, The Barbarian Jewelry or Keepsake Box

A Mighty, Barbarian Warrior, for your mighty, barbarian Dad!
Great gift for Christmas or Father's Day.


Fairy Queen Jewelry or Keepsake Box

A regal fairy queen. Crowned and bejeweled with brilliant blue butterfly wings, against a vibrant red background.
For lovers of fantasy and fairies.

Winter Walk Jewelry or Keepsake Box

A Victorian beauty and her young Saluki out for a stroll on Christmas Eve,in the gently falling snow.
Makes a great Christmas gift for the Saluki dog lover on your list.


Christmas at Elf Hall Jewelry or Keepsake Box

Christmas Eve in a snow covered forest, a pair of curious bunnies, and a tiny, magical, elf cottage in the trunk of an ancient tree.

The Last Package Jewelry or Keepsake Box

On Christmas Eve the cute little elves are wrapping a special package just for Santa. An enchanting Christmas gift for all ages.

Alien Archeology Jewelry or Keepsake Box

 On an alien planet archeologists have unearthed treasures from an ancient extraterrestrial civilization. Great gift for the science fiction fans or archeology buffs on your Christmas List.


Products Only on Zazzle

Zazzle offers Square Magnets, which I like since a lot of my designs fit into this format:
A beautiful elf and dwarves have a concert at sunset in this fantasy illustration, availble on t-shirts, cards and other gift items. Zazzle has BBQ aprons availble in khaki, this is our Barbarian Warrior design: Zazzle also has kids aprons, here is our Dragons Cookout design: Alien Archeology mug with colored interior Rogue's Gallery Silver Travel Mug Elf Princess Keychain