Hugo Award winning artist George Barr has been drawing and painting in the fantasy and science fiction field for over 30 years.

Born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, George Barr has lived the last thirty five years in California: Los Angeles, San Jose, and, currently Livermore.
He discovered science fiction (Amazing Stories Magazine) at age thirteen and has declared, "It was like finding my way home."
He lists as influences the artists of the golden age of storybook illustrating, principally Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and Maxfield Parrish, plus a number of the pulp era illustrators: Virgil Finlay, J. Alan St.John, Hannes Bok, and Kelly Freas.
George did the poster for the X-rated classic cult film, Flesh Gordon, and designed a couple of the animated creatures in it. Uncredited, he did some body paint makeup for one episode of the original Star Trek: "The Way to Eden."
First published professionally in Fantastic Stories in 1960, he has worked for Ballantine Books, Ace Books, DAW Books, Donald M. Grant Publications, Leisure Books, Dell, Dell-Yearling, Pyramid Books, Mirage Press, Arbor House, Cheap Street, Underwood-Miller, Pulphouse Publications, Alyson Press, Fedogan and Bremmer, Strawberry Hill, Ganley Publications, Phantasia Press, Starblaze, Owlswick Press, Newcastle Books, Borgo Press, TSR Inc., If, Famous Monsters OF Filmland, Vertex,Galileo, Azimov's Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Fantasy Book, Expanse, Stardate, Forgotten Fantasy, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Wierd Tales, Worlds Of Fantasy and Horror, Dragon, Dungeon, Adventures Of Sword and Sorcery, and others, as well as producing artwork for computor games such as Star Control II, Archon Ultra, The Horde, and Alien Logic.

"I am an illustrator. I make no pretense of being an "artiste". I draw pictures. Sometimes I paint them. If they’re to be published along with a story, I hope they’ll illuminate it a bit and make the reading of that story a bit more enjoyable. If they’re not, then it’s my hope that they’ll stand on their own without need of explanation. . . by me or anyone else. . . now, or in some unforeseeable future. I enjoy what I do. I hope it shows. And I hope other people will enjoy it also. If they do, then I’ve succeeded. It’s what I do. How’s that for refreshing simplicity?"

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