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Alien Archeology
On an alien planet archeologists have unearthed treasures from an ancient extraterrestrial civilization.
Great gift for science fiction fans or archeology buffs.

Alien Kitty
 Under a golden sky, surrounded by violet flowers, an alien, 6 legged, bejeweled alien kitty relaxes by a lily pool. Humorous gift for all ages but especially appropriate for children.

Aladdin's Lamp
 Tale of Aladdin, the boy who rubbed the magic lamp, seeking treasure and adventure. Arabian nights fantasy for children of all ages.

Beauty and The Beast
Once upon a time, a witch's spell and doomed lovers.
Beauty learns to love the Beast and they have their happily ever after.

Butterfly Fairy Queen
 A regal fairy queen. Crowned and bejeweled with brilliant blue butterfly wings, against a vibrant red background.For lovers of fantasy and fairies.

Christmas at Elf Hall
Christmas Eve in a snow covered forest, a pair of curious bunnies, and a, tiny, magical, elf cottage in the trunk of an ancient tree.

Dad, The Barbarian
 A Mighty, Barbarian Warrior, for your mighty, barbarian Dad!
Great gift for Christmas or Father's Day.

Funny Monsters
 A trio of humorous Halloween creatures: A Man-made Monster, a Vampire Count and a Werewolf.

Halloween Wind
A full Halloween moon and an October wind tossing the leaves and the hair of a bewitching fairy.

The Last Package
On Christmas eve, the little elves are wrapping a special gift for Santa.

Rogue's Gallery
The cast of every sci-fi movie:
humans, humanoids, aliens,and reptilians.
Are they the heros of the galaxy or the scum of the universe?

Sci-Fi Hero
 A vintage science fiction hero right out of the Saturday afternoon movie serials of the 40's and 50's, with his trusty ray gun, space ship and blonde heroine.

Space Cowboys
 Cows in Space!
Friendly Texas longhorn joins the space age complete with space suit, lariat and rocketship.

 Winter Walk
A Victorian beauty and her young Saluki out for a stroll on Christmas Eve,in the gently falling snow.
For dog lovers at Christmas.